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If you are a student who has just met the propositional logic, an instructor looking for teaching materials, or a professional who needs to generate truth tables as part of a larger project, the Truth Table Generator is the tool you are looking for.

This truth table generator is a powerful tool capable of operating with highly complex propositional logic statements. This generator can work with up to 4 logical statements at the same time, which allows to enter infinite different sentences, since it has the main logical operators.

Truth Table Generator

p q p^q

Instructions to use the Truth Table Generator

Using the truth table generator is quite simple and intuitive, thanks to its virtual keyboard. To use it you will only have to enter the logical sentence in the truth table generator and press the “=” button on the keyboard to obtain the resulting table.

To build your sentences you have the following propositions:

p, q, r, s

The TRUE and FALSE states are encoded respectively T and F.

Truth table generator - Instructions

What is a truth table?

A truth table is a table defining the value of a logic function  for each of the possible combinations of inputs. A logical function of n variables admits 2n possible combinations of inputs. The truth table for any function must have 2n lines.

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